Have a look through Treads Cycle Club FAQ, if you can’t find an answer then please feel free to drop us an email via the contact page.

1. How much does it cost to join Treads Cycle Club?

For 1 year membership from February 1  to January 31 the price is
Senior – £15.00
Family – £35.00 (Family of 4)
Junior / Juvenile (aged less than 16) – £7.50
Students – £10.00
and entitles you to 10% discount at Pitsford Cycles, Leisure Lakes, Joyride on production of a current membership card. Membership also includes third party insurance on club rides. Also included is use of the club kit if you are taking part in events and such like.

2. My bike was cheap, can it do the job?

Usually the cheaper range of bikes in the market tend to be heavier, this sometimes makes riding up hill a bit harder. Also components can wear out quicker, not in all cases. As long as your bike is maintained it should last the distance of a club ride. Plus if you can pass a few of the members on expensive bikes, it will do your confidence the world of good. We have club bikes available to try out so just ask.

3. What bikes do the Treads CC members use?

On the club rides most riders in the club ride Mountain Bikes also know as MTBs or ATBs. We have a mixed bunch either choosing to front suspension and no rear suspension, known as a Hard Tail. Or there is the option of a bike with front and rear suspension, know as Full Suspension or Full Susser. Also a few riders have what is know as a singlespeed, usually a MTB with only 1 gear. On the flip side we also ride Road Bikes, also known as racers. Over the years the Treads CC has gained enough members to warrent moving onto road bikes. Bikes vary from 14 gears all the way up to the current models which have up to 30 gears to choose from. As with the MTBs riders also ride singlespeed road bikes. Also some riders are brave enough to ride a fixed gear bike, you can’t stop pedaling even on the downs.

4. I don’t have a bike!

If you want to try it out and don’t own a bike treads now has bikes and equipment to loan to anyone who wants to give mountain biking a go. Speak to Lee

5. How fit do I need to be to ride with Treads CC?

This is a tough question because beginners have varying fitness levels. Officially we are a social and not a race club. So on a Sunday club ride we tend to ride as fast as the slowest rider. Most members new to off road cycling do tend to be at the back of the group. The problem for new members is sticking at it. Yes you will be at the back for a while but if you stick at it you will eventually catch up fitness wise. We were all beginners a one stage. Remember stick at it.

Beginner rides are every 2nd weekend of the month. If you are a complete beginner there is a chance the distance of the rides will be too much for your first ride. If you are a beginner then these rides are a good place to start

6. How far do you ride?

We average between 20-30 miles on the Sunday Mountain Bike rides and 15-20 on the Wednesday evening Mountain Bike rides. The mileage may sound a lot but you will be surprised how quickly a beginner can ride that.

7. You all look a bit professional, is lycra optional?

Its better to class us enthusiastic rather than professional, we are more of a social club. Some riders do wear Lycra the synthetic material tends to dry quicker and the shorts contain a pad that keeps the saddle from hurting your rear too much. Although also available nowadays are what’s known as baggies normal looking (not tight lycra) shorts that are made of the same synthetic materials and containing the pad for the rear. These offer some of the same benefits as the tight Lycra.

Ultimately you can ride in what ever outfit suits you. Something to think about though is the if you want to eventually try out some of the more extreme rides weather can change quickly so it?s always best to wear the appropriate clothing.

8. I need some advice on kit. can you help?

No problem most rides consist of us comparing kit anyway, so there is always someone who can help.

9. How old do I have to be?

Under 16’s need written consent, from a pedant or guardian. We can only accept riders as young as 14 at the moment.

10. Do you shave your legs?

That´s your choice not ours?There is the myth that shaving your legs makes you go faster, It´s mainly for racers who have the luxury of a massage. It´s less painful than having the masseur tear the hairs out of you legs.

Still interested? Then speak to Lee or call on 07946 202 973