• Training and finally over the 100+ mile ride…

    Sorry!!  Well it’s been a while since my last blog, training were going very well until family members get ill, you get ill (only a cold/man flu lol) and time seems to run out for cycling due to work.  The joys of working for a living, luckily I enjoy my job and love working for Kingston Technology, so that always makes it better! 🙂

    Issue is, it’s impossible to catch up with the training you miss, it’s simple, otherwise you just end up overtraining.  This was always part of the plan, hence starting the training program with well over 14 months to go, and now less than 12 already…  At least I have managed to do my first 100+ mile bike ride for the first time this year on Saturday, so this are still on track for the 165+ miles per day during the Trans Am Bike Race 2018.  Still aiming for 25-28 days max…  Finally over 200 miles per week again, with a slight change of plans…  I’ve do a fair bit of research on long distance cycle training (I wish I had the cash for a personal trainer, but I don’t) and have learnt that it’s good to keep a couple of high intensity session in per week.  So this has actually helping in my recovery during the training sessions.  I’m still have 1-2 days (normally one) off per week depending on how I feel, although this will become more structured nearer the race in July 2018.  It would be great to hear any feedback regarding training, rest etc…  Please get in touch!

    I’ve got a few more people that I would also like to catch up with to learn a bit more about the prep, kit and training.  Hopefully I will have a chance to catch up with Jack Peterson soon, as he managed to do the Trans AM Bike Race in under 25 days…  Well an amazing/legendary 23 days and 55 minutes to be exact!  Wow…  Also, hopefully I should get my new Enigma Escape bike in the next few weeks, a few delays with components but the frame has been built! 😀

    So if anyone has ant tips/advice or just fancies a 100+ mile ride out on a Saturday morning (6am) from the Harlestone Heath Garden Centre (Treads CC meeting point, not at this time though) then please get in touch via the club…  Thanks